i-QCRx™ Provides Solutions in Patient Safety & Diversion of Controlled Drugs

B&W Tek has pioneered a proprietary solution by using the most advanced spectroscopic technology that addresses challenges of identifying and quantifying medications in solutions in difficult-to-monitor and critical environments.

It provides near real-time and precise identification and quantification of cytotoxins, narcotics, antibiotics and other active pharmaceutical compounds in buffer solution.

It is ideal for use in hospital pharmacies, cancer treatment centers, compound pharmacies, CROs and pharmaceutical companies.

The Right Intravenous Medication at the Right Dose

  • ◾ On-site and near real-time results
  • ◾ Correct medication (qualitative)
  • ◾ Correct dosage (quantitative)
  • ◾ Easy to use
  • ◾ No-user interpretation
  • ◾ Minimal reagents and disposables




  • ◾ Tested and validated for over 80 cytotoxins, antibiotics,
    narcotics, antibodies and other pharmaceuticals in various buffers (NaCl, Glucose, etc.)
  • ◾ Custom library extension by fully automated calibration
  • ◾ Near real time result (30-90 seconds)
  • ◾ Built-in normalization function, repeatability and carry-over tests to validate system stability
  • ◾ Export of real-time results to prescription or LIMS software
  • ◾ Fully complies with 21 CFR Part 11 with IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ provided as needed at the
    time of installation




Patient Safety
Diversion of Controlled Medication and Substance
Counterfeit Medication
Regulatory Compliance

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