Analyzing Larva Behaviors using a Laser Stimulus

B&W Tek met with principle investigator Marta Zlatic and head engineer Dominik Hoffmann to discuss the use of our lasers in a stimulus-evoked behavior study using fruit fly larva. We successfully partnered with them for their proof of principle using our infrared solid-state multimode lasers to better understand the neurons in fruit fly larva, and the behaviors that are induced with laser stimulus. Continue reading


Roundtable Discussion on Raman

In a roundtable discussion with European Pharmaceutical Review, B&W Tek’s Chief Operating Officer, Jack Zhou, answers questions about the progress of Raman technology as it pertains to the pharmaceutical industry, as well as potential developments to Raman devices and the improvement of results they could provide. Continue reading

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Spotlight on Raman Spectroscopy

This collection of articles focuses specifically on Raman spectroscopy and the advantages of the technology in the pharmaceutical industry. Organized by American Pharmaceutical Review, this collection of articles discusses a variety of topics. Continue reading

Handheld Raman

Using Raman to Identify Excipients for Food and Drug Formulations

Now that 100% testing of raw materials has made a big impact in the pharmaceutical industry, other industries such as nutraceutical, food manufacturing, cosmetic and agricultural are beginning to follow in their footsteps. Raman spectroscopy has become more and more prevalent in these industries over previous technologies like HPLC and NIR for raw material testing due to unique advantages. Continue reading

Handheld Raman

Educational Video Series: Season 2 Episode 3 – Handheld Raman Instrumentation and Sampling

In this video, we discuss the benefits of handheld Raman spectroscopy over portable Raman spectroscopy. We’ll demonstrate the use of various sampling accessories and discuss the applications they’re best suited for, as well as explain the difference between verification and identification using handheld Raman. Continue reading

Handheld Raman
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