B&W Tek Raman products on Japanese TV!

On Saturday July 18, 2009 the Japanese TV program, Sekaiichi Uketai Jyugyou, featured B&W Tek’s portable Raman spectroscopy system, the MiniRam™ II. The host demonstrated how valuable a tool the MiniRam™ II can be in forensic studies, especially in cases where in situ material inspection is used to aid in solving crime. MiniRam™ II is a low cost, lightweight battery operated Raman spectroscopy instrument. It employs patented CleanLaze® 785 nm spectrum stabilized laser technology, providing a 10 cm-1 spectral resolution over a 175 – 3150 cm-1 Raman shift range. By using a fiber coupled sampling probe and integrated handtop PC, a user can collect Raman spectra of solids and liquids at the scene of crime where the information is most useful.

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