BWSpec 4.10 – File Saving & Conversion

In this tutorial, we discuss our new Raman format, .TXTR, and show how to properly save files, along with the … Continue reading

BWSpec 4.10 – Batch Re-Process

In this video we will talk about what Batch Re-Process is, how to re-process a timeline data series or batch of files, and how to import an Experiment Setup configuration to be used for Batch Re-Process. Continue reading

BWSpec 4.10 – Probe & Experiment Setup

In this video, we’ll talk about what Relative Intensity Correction is, and then go over creating a probe profile in Hardware Setup and creating an experiment in Experiment Setup using the Probe profile. Continue reading

BWSpec 4.10 Software Introduction

In this support video, we go over some of the major changes to the newly released BWSpec 4.10 data acquisition software. Continue reading

BWSpec Tutorial with i-Raman Plus

In this tutorial, we’ll get you started with how to go about setting up and running your first scan in the BWSpec Software from B&W Tek. Continue reading

BWSpec Software & Drivers Installation

In this video, we show you how to properly install the BWSpec 4 software as well as its drivers. Continue reading

Enabling Plug-ins in BWSpec Software

In this video, we give a brief description of how to properly enable each of your plugin-ins within the BWSpec4 software. Continue reading