QTRam for Pharmaceutical Content Uniformity

The QTRam transmission Raman spectrometer from B&W Tek allows pharmaceutical companies to build and run quantitative models that can quickly and easily perform content uniformity measurements.
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CPhI North America 2018 – The QTRam from B&W Tek

This year at CPhI North America, B&W Tek is excited to announce the QTRam, a portable Transmission Raman Spectrometer powered by our patent-pending, award-winning STRaman™ technology. Continue reading

The i-Raman Pro ST Portable See-Through Raman Analyzer

Introducing the i-Raman Pro ST which provides rapid material identification through a variety of barrier layers and packaging, expanding the capabilities of Raman technology.
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Pittcon 2017 – The i-Raman Pro ST from B&W Tek

At Pittcon 2017, B&W Tek unveiled the i-Raman® Pro ST high throughput portable Raman spectrometer for identification of materials inside visually opaque containers such as white plastic bottles and paper envelopes. Continue reading

Photonics West 2016 – The i-Raman EX from B&W Tek

This video demonstrates some of the advantages of using our i-Raman EX 1064nm portable Raman spectrometer for field use. Continue reading

SciX 2015 – iRaman Pro Overview

In this video, we give a quick overview of the features of our new i-Raman Pro high resolution portable Raman spectrometer. Continue reading

Product Spotlight: i-Raman Portable Raman Spectrometers

Learn about the features and benefits of our i-Raman Plus high resolution portable Raman spectrometer in this product spotlight. Continue reading