i-QCRx® Provides Solutions in Patient Safety


Application in Chemotherapy

Detects preparation errors
i-QCRx uses advanced spectroscopic technology to address challenges of detecting preparation errors in medications for the critical treatment of cancer and other diseases.

Identifies and quantifies the API
i-QCRx provides near real-time and precise identification and quantification of chemotherapeutics, narcotics, antibiotics, antibodies and other active pharmaceutical compounds in buffer solution.

The Right Intravenous Medication at the Right Dose


  • ◾ On-site and near real-time results
  • ◾ Correct medication (qualitative)
  • ◾ Correct dosage (quantitative)
  • ◾ Easy to use
  • ◾ No user interpretation
  • ◾ Minimal reagents and disposables

i-QCRx is ideal for use in hospital pharmacies, cancer treatment centers, compound pharmacies, CROs and pharmaceutical companies with high production volume of individual preparations.



  • ◾ Tested and validated for over 80 chemotherapeutics, antibiotics, narcotics, antibodies and other pharmaceuticals in various buffers (NaCl, Glucose, etc.)
  • ◾ Custom library extension by fully automated calibration
  • ◾ Near real time result (90 seconds measurement and analysis cycle per sample)
  • ◾ Designed for analysis of patient-specific samples before dispensing
  • ◾ Built-in tests to validate system stability
  • ◾ Embedded bar code reader
  • ◾ Export of results to prescription, LIMS or hospital management software
  • ◾ IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ provided to meet regulatory requirements

Other Applications

Drug Diversion Issues

  • ◾ Validates unused returned narcotics
  • ◾ Provides assurance that medication is correct

Counterfeit and Falsified Medication

    • ◾ Reduces the risk of damage to public health
    • ◾ Diminishes the risk of counterfeiting

Regulatory Compliance

  • ◾ Provides validation to meet the USPrecommendations and other regulatory guidelines

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