Spectrometer Knowledge: Part 6 – Choosing a Fiber Optic

In this section, we’ll briefly review what a fiber optic cable is and how it is used to direct light into a spectrometer. Continue reading

Spectrometer Modules

Poster: Quantitative Raman Analysis at FACSS 2011

Chemometric modeling to determine concentrations of methanol in tertiary mixtures using a high resolution portable Raman spectrometer… Continue reading

Portable Raman

NanoRam: Handheld Raman Spectrometer

We are proud to introduce the NanoRam™, a new class of small, handheld instruments for materials identification and verification within … Continue reading

Handheld Raman

Spectrometer Knowledge: Part 5 – Spectral Resolution

In this section, we’ll discuss how to calculate and measure spectral resolution in miniature spectrometers… Continue reading

Spectrometer Modules

BWIQ: Chemometrics Software

Multivariate software for analysis of spectral data to discover internal relationships between spectra and response data/sample classes… Continue reading

Portable Raman

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