B&W Tek, Inc. Involved with Community Engagement Initiative in Kenya

Newark, Delaware – July 1, 2015

B&W Tek, Inc., an advanced instrumentation company that delivers lab quality Raman spectroscopy solutions through user-friendly mobile platforms, is pleased to announce its involvement in a community engagement initiative offered by the collaboration between the Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients (CPhI) and the Global Angels Foundation.

Everett Samuel, Quality Control Technician, will visit the Tsavo Region of Kenya in early September to volunteer his time and skills to a project organized by Camps International, a multi award-winning expedition and volunteering company. Over the nine day trip, Samuel will help out in a variety of areas by making repairs to a nearby school, interacting with a local women’s group and taking part in other scheduled activities.

“There is nothing in life more rewarding than having the opportunity to help others,” Samuel said. “I have resources available to me that I take for granted every day. It’s bound to be a humbling experience to witness an environment where other people haven’t had the same advantages I’ve had.”

The Global Angels Foundation, an international charity that works to transform underprivileged communities all over the world, enables a network of volunteers to make a difference by developing, funding and replicating sustainable projects worldwide. According to their website, these ‘Angels’ devote their time, resources and passion to providing disadvantaged communities with necessary resources such as safe drinking water, education and healthcare.

“The most rewarding part of the trip will be the opportunity to help those in need,” Samuel explained. “I’ll be able to look at the world with a greater sense of humility and when I come home, I’ll know that I truly made a difference in other people’s lives.”

For more details on the itinerary, visit: http://globalangels.cphi.com/community-engagement/

For more information on CPhI’s collaboration with the Global Angels Foundation, visit: http://cphi-charity.aws.ubm-net.com

About B&W Tek, Inc.
B&W Tek is an advanced instrumentation company that delivers lab quality Raman spectroscopy solutions through user-friendly mobile platforms. B&W Tek provides solutions for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, physical, chemical, security and research communities. Our commitment to innovative solutions has made B&W Tek a leader in Raman spectroscopy solutions worldwide.

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