B&W Tek Celebrates 18 Years!

Newark, Delaware –January 5, 2016

B&W Tek, an advanced instrumentation company that delivers lab quality Raman, LIBS and NIR spectroscopy solutions through user-friendly mobile platforms, is excited to celebrate 18 years of providing innovative solutions to a variety of different industries. Originally established in 1997 as a manufacturer and solution provider of diode-pumped solid-state and diode lasers, B&W Tek has since grown into an industry-leading total solutions provider, coupling core technologies with custom development, design and manufacturing capabilities.

B&W Tek’s roots in diode-pumped solid-state lasers allowed B&W Tek to grow their laser industry experience and their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) capabilities, forming the firm foundation of their strong business model.

“By creating OEM products, we were exposed to many custom requirements and application opportunities,” said Dr. Jack Zhou, CEO of B&W Tek. “This helped the company to develop and evolve into who we are today.”

According to Zhou, vertical integration allows B&W Tek to own all key components of their products; having the parts in-house enables them to address specific customer needs and ensure custom hardware integration. Allowing OEM customers to take any assortment of B&W Tek’s ready-to-use, off-the-shelf modular products maximizes performance-to-cost ratio by providing customers with high quality products at reasonable costs.

B&W Tek began producing portable Raman spectrometers with rapid success in 2003. In 2000, there were approximately 10,000 analytical research-grade Raman instruments in existence worldwide. By 2006, B&W Tek had deployed an additional 10,000 Raman units, nearly doubling the total number of Raman spectrometers worldwide.

As a global leader in handheld and portable spectroscopy solutions, B&W Tek sets itself apart with an emphasis on customer solutions and service. This enables customers to receive not only an instrument, but timely solutions and support whenever needed.

Over the last 18 years, B&W Tek has experienced substantial growth with skilled, hardworking employees and a strong drive to produce exceptional products. With their main facilities  in Newark, DE, B&W Tek also proudly holds offices in Germany, China, Taiwan and Japan, as well as a network of 70 distributors and 7 certified service centers based all over the world.

To learn more about B&W Tek’s history, click here to view a timeline of our major milestones.

About B&W Tek
B&W Tek is an advanced instrumentation company that delivers lab quality Raman, LIBS and NIR spectroscopy solutions through user-friendly mobile platforms. B&W Tek provides solutions for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, physical, chemical, security and research communities. Our commitment to innovative solutions has made B&W Tek a leader in Raman spectroscopy solutions worldwide.

Nicolette Tuono
B&W Tek
19 Shea Way
Newark, DE 19713 USA

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