B&W Tek Honored by Laser Focus World 2018 Innovators Award Program

Newark, DE – May 10, 2018

B&W Tek, a global leader in mobile spectroscopic solutions, is proud to announce that its STRaman™ see-through portable Raman technology was honored as the Silver Honoree in the annual Laser Focus World Innovators Awards Program.

B&W Tek’s portable STRam, powered by STRaman technology, has the ability to collect Raman spectra through a variety of barrier layers and visually-opaque packaging for material identification, overcoming challenges previously faced by traditional Raman spectroscopy. The patent-pending STRaman see-through technology consists of a high throughput spectrometer, a specialized probe, and advanced algorithms developed by B&W Tek experts.

STRaman technology is proven to have marked improvement over previous methods of material identification for its ability to quickly and noninvasively collect Raman signal of materials inside visually-opaque containers such as white plastic bottles, paper envelopes, and tablet coatings. This eliminates the need to open packaging to identify substances, minimizing the risk of exposure and compromising sample integrity.

“The STRaman technology greatly expands the applicability of Raman by overcoming one of its basic challenges” says Dr. Katherine Bakeev, Director of Market and Customer Development. “In addition to being able to see through opaque packaging for rapid material identification, the larger sampling area and depth enhance Raman measurements with more representative sampling beyond the surface biomedical applications and for heterogeneous samples.”

The 2018 Laser Focus World Innovators Awards Program recognizes the most innovative solutions in the industry determined by a judging panel consisting of expert professionals. Judging is based on a list of criteria which include innovation, value to the user, and impact in the photonics and optoelectronics industry.

B&W Tek is committed to constant innovation and is honored to be once again recognized for successfully delivering total solutions. The STRaman technology has also been recognized with the Pittcon Excellence Award in March and commended with The Analytical Scientist Innovation Award 2017.

To learn more about the award winning STRaman Technology, click here.

About B&W Tek
B&W Tek is the global leader in innovative mobile spectroscopy solutions. Since our establishment in 1997 in Newark, Delaware, USA as a provider of OEM laser and spectrometer modules and components, we have grown into an industry-leading total solutions provider, coupling our core technologies with custom design and manufacturing capabilities. We utilize our own key building blocks consisting of spectrometers, light sources, sampling accessories and software capabilities to produce complete solutions based on portable and handheld spectroscopy and laser instrumentation. B&W Tek provides Raman, LIBS, UV-Vis and NIR solutions for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, materials science, chemical, safety, security and research communities. B&W Tek’s mobile spectroscopy solutions provide point of need measurements for actionable results.

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