B&W Tek, Inc Announces Improved i-Spec™ Portable Spectrophotometer

Company: B&W Tek, Inc.
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Newark, DE 19713 USA
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Website: www.bwtek.com
Contact Person: Stephanie Nave
Email: stephanien@bwtek.com

B&W Tek, Inc Announces Improved i-Spec™ Portable Spectrophotometer

Newark, DE, March 10, 2011

B&W Tek, Inc., an advanced instrumentation company producing optical spectroscopy and laser systems announces the updated i-Spec™ portable spectrophotometer.

The i-Spec™ is a portable spectrophotometer system equipped with silicon and InGaAs array detectors, allowing it to measure from as low as 350nm to as high as 2600nm. The i-Spec™ has optimized high throughput spectrographs, plug-and-play USB interface, broadband and high speed measurement systems, built-in high intensity light sources with forced air cooling, and SMA905 fiber-optic input/output connections. B&W Tek, Inc. offers a variety of fiber sampling accessories for the i-Spec, making it ideal for broadband transmission, reflection, absorption, and emission measurement applications.

The newest i-Spec™ model, the BWS005A, features a new and improved extended InGaAs array detector with a built-in AutoZero function resulting in exceptionally low noise and high dynamic range. It is designed with four levels of gain, producing great results for most applications in low light level NIR detection. The i-Spec™ is ideal for agricultural, pharmaceutical, geological/gemological, and semiconductor applications.

For more information on the i-Spec™, please visit www.bwtek.com/product/spectrophotometer/index.html.

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