B&W Tek Introduces the NanoRam®-1064

Newark, Delaware, March 22, 2019—B&W Tek announces the NanoRam®-1064, a handheld Raman analyzer for nondestructive identification of raw materials and the latest addition to the company’s handheld Raman product line.

The NanoRam-1064 is a state-of-the-art device that utilizes Raman technology for nondestructive identification and verification of raw materials such as APIs, intermediates and excipients. NanoRam-1064 can identify more samples as it minimize fluorescence, which makes it an ideal tool to identify colored samples, natural products and to differentiate between different grades of cellulose, polysorbate and Opadry®. The handheld system has an intuitive work flow that can be operated by nontechnical users to expedite materials through incoming inspection including be it in the warehouse, loading dock, or lab.

The high performance NanoRam-1064 is operated using the intuitive NOS-1064 embedded software. The comprehensive software package comes equipped with on-board method and library validation, on-board instrument calibration, library and method development and data storage/transfer. B&W Tek’s NOS-1064 software is paired with the NID EX software package which is designed for use on PCs and allows end users to generate reports, review data and access the audit trail for instrument operations. Both software packages are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

The NanoRam-1064 is the latest addition to B&W Tek’s pharmaceutical analytical suite for rapid and nondestructive analysis of materials, which includes the QTRam® with quantitative transmission Raman spectroscopy, NanoRam® for raw material identification, and NanoLIBS® handheld LIBS system for ionic salt identification.

To learn more on the NanoRam-1064, click here.

About B&W Tek
B&W Tek is the global leader in innovative mobile spectroscopy solutions. Since our establishment in 1997 in Newark, Delaware, USA as a provider of OEM laser and spectrometer modules and components, we have grown into an industry-leading total solutions provider, coupling our core technologies with custom design and manufacturing capabilities. We utilize our own key building blocks consisting of spectrometers, light sources, sampling accessories and software capabilities to produce complete solutions based on portable and handheld spectroscopy and laser instrumentation. B&W Tek provides Raman, LIBS, UV-Vis and NIR solutions for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, materials science, chemical, safety, security and research communities. B&W Tek’s mobile spectroscopy solutions provide point of need measurements for actionable results.

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