B&W Tek Releases Updates to BWSpec® Software with Version 4.10

Newark, Delaware – June 27, 2017

B&W Tek, a mobile spectroscopy solutions company that delivers lab quality Raman, LIBS, UV-Vis and NIR solutions through user-friendly mobile platforms, is proud to announce updates to their BWSpec software, expanding the software supporting B&W Tek spectrometers, systems and accessories beyond spectral acquisition to a control and spectral analysis platform. These updates will provide improved support for the i-Raman series of portable instruments.

BWSpec delivers a wide range of intuitive features designed to perform complex measurements and calculations with the click of a button. It provides general spectroscopic instruments control and analysis with workspaces specific to Raman and general spectroscopy. Additionally, BWSpec allows for spectroscopic analysis including peak analysis and preprocessing.

BWSpec Version 4.10 new features include the following:

  • New Raman Workspace: The new application-based Raman workspace has been introduced to provide a streamlined workspace with functions specific to Raman data. The BWSpec workspace retains the original look with a selection of axis types supporting a full instrument range.
  • New File Type: A new file type (TXTR) has been introduced, which includes the relative intensity correction ratio spectra to ensure the integrity of spectral files. This makes it easy to transport and reprocess files without losing critical information.
  • Improved Data Integrity: A new spectral file cannot be created until all necessary elements for the last acquired spectrum are complete. A saved or finished spectrum can no longer be overwritten by acquiring new data. The added TXTR format keeps track of all data processing steps.
  • New Experiment Setup: Users can now configure data acquisition, spectral processing, analytics and timeline functions, the files of which can be loaded to reproduce previous experiment conditions. This provides improved timeline functionality, allowing for kinetic measurements and analysis at set collection intervals without operator intervention.
  • Improved Peak Analysis: Peak position analysis has been improved, using curve fitting for accurate determination. Peak analysis reports can also be exported to Excel and printed.
  • Improved Menu: The Tools menu has been updated and a Spectral Function menu with data processing functions has been added.
  • Batch Data Processing Function: A new function for batch re-processing allows for the re-processing of large amounts of data by applying the same parameters to all the data and automatically saving to a specified location.
  • Probe Setup: A Probe Setup feature has been added, allowing for the relative intensity correction of the fully configured instrument with the probe to be applied, thus providing the best data.
  • Improved Usability: The ability to open spectral files with a drag and drop feature has been added.

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About B&W Tek
B&W Tek is the global leader in innovative mobile spectroscopy solutions. We utilize our own key building blocks consisting of spectrometers, light sources, sampling accessories and software capabilities to produce portable and handheld spectroscopy and laser instrumentation. B&W Tek provides Raman, LIBS, UV-Vis and NIR solutions for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, physical, chemical, safety, security, research and education communities.

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B&W Tek
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