BWID® and BWIQ® Softwares Receive Updates

B&W Tek, a mobile spectroscopy solutions company that delivers lab quality Raman, LIBS and NIR solutions through user-friendly mobile platforms, is excited to announce updates to their intuitive softwares BWID® and BWIQ®.

BWIQ: Real-Time Prediction Mode

BWIQ multivariate data analysis software enables the analysis of spectroscopic data from various sources following an intuitive workflow and has the ability to develop qualitative and quantitative models. The prediction module has been expanded to also provide real-time predictions with BWIQ models by acquiring data from the B&W Tek i-Raman® series of instruments. The release of BWIQ 2.1.3 ensures many enhancements to key areas such as the real-time prediction function, overall data display and reports.

There are a number of improvements that have been made to the real-time prediction mode to create an easier utilization for users. Data can now be continuously collected with the ability to do time averaging of spectra. The spectral data are overlaid and the results are displayed in a non-editable table. Additionally, a new feature ensures that the data being collected for real-time predictions match that of the model being used.

BIWD: New Protected Libraries for Identification

BWID spectral identification software is used for data acquisition as well as material identification and verification with B&W Tek spectrometers using B&W Tek libraries, user-defined libraries or third party libraries sold by B&W Tek. The release of BWID 2.0.2 brings major library improvements by offering secure libraries with over one thousand narcotics, excipients and solvents, as well as additional third-party library offerings.

A few of the many enhancements made to BWID include the maximum number of libraries in ID analysis increasing from five to ten, the new capability to use a protected B&W Tek library and the added relative intensity correction option for off-line spectra imported into a library. These and many other new features are why BWID combined with any of the B&W Tek Raman spectrometer systems continues to be a powerful and effective solution for identifying and verifying materials.

A pharmaceutical edition of BWID is also available, adding in security and audit features to an already secure system in order to meet the electronic records and signature requirements of US FDA 21CFR Part 11.

To learn more about B&W Tek’s software, click here.

About B&W Tek
B&W Tek is a mobile spectroscopy solutions company that delivers lab quality Raman, LIBS and NIR solutions through user-friendly mobile platforms. B&W Tek provides solutions for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, physical, chemical, safety, security and research communities. Our commitment to innovative solutions has made B&W Tek a leader in Raman spectroscopy solutions worldwide.

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