Introducing TacticID for Narcotics and Unknown Chemical Identification

Newark, DE – November 1, 2013

After a successful product preview last week at the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) tradeshow in Philadelphia, PA, B&W Tek is now proud to formally announce the new TacticID handheld Raman instrument for identification of narcotics, explosives and hazardous chemicals.

The TacticID is an exciting new product from B&W Tek that is designed to provide critical safety/security personnel and first responders with the latest handheld Raman technology. The instrument provides users with fast, accurate, non-contact results that increase user safety and by extension, creates a safer, more secure environment for all of us.

The TacticID is also the smallest, lightest, most rugged handheld unit we’ve ever created and has been designed to suit the needs of end-users such as:

Law Enforcement – narcotics identification
Drug and Forensic Labs – narcotic and chemical identification
Hazmat Squads – unknown liquid, solid, powder identification
Bomb Squads – unknown liquid, solid, powder identification
Customs and Border Patrol – narcotics, liquid, solid, powder identification

TacticID is available in 2 versions:
1. Narcotics (Black) – Specifically designed for narcotics identification with a library of approximately 200 illicit substances, cutting agents and precursors. The software chemometric algorithms are specifically designed for speed and ease of use.
2. General Purpose Safety (Yellow) – Designed for hazmat, bomb squads and other critical first responders. The library includes approximately 5,000 explosives, hazardous chemicals, precursors, cutting agents and more. This unit is currently going through MIL STD 810G military specification certification and will be IP67 certified.

Both versions of TacticID are currently only available for test sites, partner and distributor discussion and select demos. They will both be commercially available early Q1 2014.

For more information on the TacticID, visit:

About B&W Tek, Inc.
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