Raman Makes An Impact in Plastic Toy Safety, As Well As Security & PAT

Plastic Toys Safety

Phthalates are toxic substances that may cause harm to the reproductive organs but are usually added to PVC to make the plastic soft. Even though they can be harmful, some phthalate added-plastics have been found in the manufacturing of toys.


Usually, the substances to be identified at crime scenes are mixtures, whether they are explosive residuals or illicit drugs. Rapid mixture analysis at the crime scene or during drug raids is very critical.

PAT – Pharma Blending Process Monitoring

Blending process control in the pharmaceutical industry is very important in deciding final tablet product quality, and yet blending process control can be very challenging when it comes to detection or characterization of the variation in raw materials and final blend homogeneity.

In this article, these three real-life Raman quantitative and semi-quantitative analysis applications are discussed. These applications showcase the versatility of Raman spectroscopy and the potential impact that it can make in various industries.

Click here to read the full article: http://www.spectroscopyeurope.com/articles/application-notes/3425-quantitative-analysis-using-new-generation-raman-spectrometers-and-chemometrics-smaller-and-faster

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