Measurements Transmittance, Reflectance, Absorbance with included fiber optic probes
Connections Illumination and Collection SMA905 Ports for Fiber Optic Coupling
Triggering Front Panel Connection for Use With Sampling Probes with Triggering Feature
Computer Interface USB 2.0/1.1
Software iSpec®4
Software Options Software Developer's Kit (SDK)
Sample Code: C#, C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic, VBA, Labview, VB.NET
Instrument Dimensions 9.5 (H) x 6.7 (W) x 13.7 (D) in (242 x 170 x 347 mm)
Weight (model dependant) 7.9 - 10.8lbs, 3.6 - 4.9kg
Power Adaptor 12V DC @ 10.8 Amps, Battery Option Available
Operating Temperature 0°C to 45°C
Optical Design Crossed Czerny-Turner Spectrographs
Digitization Resolution 16-bit or 65,535 to 1
Minimum Integration Time 200μs / 250μs
Light Source Tungsten Halogen 5W Tungsten Halogen 20W
Spectral Output Range 350 to > 2200nm 350 to > 2200nm
Color Temperature 2800 K 2900 K
Warm Up Time ~40 Minutes ~40 Minutes
Rated Life 10,000 Hours 2,000 Hours