CCD Spectrometers

B&W Tek boasts one of the most comprehensive lines of UV and Vis CCD spectrometer modules on the market. Due to their small form factor and customizable software control systems, fiber optic spectrometers are the ideal choice for both integration into your OEM system and for the laboratory, where you can combine modular products to form a complete solution. We are most famous for introducing the smallest TE Cooled spectrometer on the market, as well as the world’s first “smart” spectrometer with on-board processing and super-speed USB 3.0 communication. Check out our full line of CCD spectrometer modules below to see how we can provide you with the solution you’re looking for.

  • Quest™ X
    Compact High Performance, CCD Spectrometer

    The Quest™ X is a linear CCD array spectrometer optimized for UV and NIR performance using a low stray light … Continue reading

  • Quest™ U
    High Performance Low Stray Light CCD Spectrometer

    The Quest™ U is a linear CCD array spectrometer optimized for UV performance using a low straylight optical bench. Continue reading

  • Glacier X
    TE Cooled CCD Spectrometer

    The Glacier® X is a TE Cooled spectrometer with high dynamic range, significantly reduced dark counts, and superior long-term operation … Continue reading

  • Exemplar Plus LS
    Low Straylight Smart CCD Spectrometer

    The Exemplar® Plus LS is a smart CCD spectrometer optimized for low straylight by utilizing an aberration corrected concave holographic … Continue reading

  • Exemplar Plus
    High Performance Smart Spectrometer

    The Exemplar® Plus is a high performance smart spectrometer utilizing a low stray light unfolded Czerny-Turner spectrograph. It features a … Continue reading

  • Exemplar HT
    Deep cooled high throughput spectrometer