Webcast: Handheld Raman for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Handheld Raman: How to Cut Costs, Improve Efficiency, and Move Towards 100% Testing

In this free one hour instructional webinar on Thursday, 9/27/12 at 10am EDT, you will learn how handheld Raman is being used to streamline the pharmaceutical manufacturing process and reduce pharmaceutical product recalls and plant shutdowns.  We will provide a brief overview of typical incoming raw material inspection processes and discuss how handheld Raman increases productivity and satisfies stringent cGMP requirements.  We will also discuss how recent developments in handheld Raman technology will continue to enable wider and faster deployment to achieve the goal of 100% testing of raw materials. Lastly, we will discuss the importance of a simplified user interface for non-technical users and how advances in technology have addressed this need.  To register for this free webcast, click here.

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