Webcast: Raman Analysis of Polymers and Additives

Quantitative Raman Analysis of Polymers and Additives

With the growing regulatory complexities in the plastics industry, it is crucial for manufacturers to know the exact composition of their polymer matrices to ensure not only compliance but also the performance requirements to meet customer specifications. Raman provides a simple, non-destructive, and rapid tool for the analysis of polymer grade and additives, including flame retardants, antioxidants, impact modifiers, plasticisers, and others.  During this webinar on Wednesday, 3/7/12 at 1pm ET, we will discuss the use of Raman in the plastics industry, reviewing both qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques. We will cover the numerous phases during the production cycle from initial research and development to final production QA/QC. We will focus on a number of key examples, including the analysis of Br and P flame retardants, degradation tracking and end of life cycle monitoring, and how Raman can be used to determine physical properties such as strength and density.

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