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API Quant

Raman spectroscopy has proven valuable in quantitating active substances in pharmaceutical formulations and finished products, measuring of crystallinity, and also quantifying the concentration of different polymorphic forms and formations of chemical species (drug substances) in reactions. Because active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) tend to be materials with very strong Raman signals (while excipients and fillers are not always "as strong" Raman scatterers) the concentration change of the API can be detected and a calibration model of the signal of the API with concentration can be developed and used to quantitatively measure the level of APIs in new samples.

It is important to measure the quantitative measurement of APIs in pharmaceutical products in order to verify the quality, safety and authenticity of drug products. Raman spectroscopy has the advantage of being able to make measurements on solid samples directly, or through transparent materials, so products in blister packs or formulations in glass vials can be measured. With a Raman spectrum including information about the full samples matrix measured, it can be used for multicomponent analysis from a single measurement.