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Raman spectroscopy can be a very good tool in energy science. The market and manufacturing of battery is growing very fast in recent decades which has led to demand of more efficient technology in testing components for optimal electrochemical performance.

Portable Raman technology is used for the development of not only new materials but also in the process of charge/ discharge mechanism, due to its portability, ease of use and probe sampling flexibility. It is also used in the solar cell industry to identify the crystallization rate by testing the ratio of monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous formations.


i-Raman® Plus

Highly Sensitive, High Resolution Fiber Optic Raman System


i-Raman® EX

1064nm Fiber Optic Raman System



Portable Raman Analyzer for Rapid Analysis and Identification Through Opaque Barriers


i-Raman® Pro

Deep Cooled, Highly Sensitive, High Resolution Fiber Optic Raman System


i-Spec® Plus

Diffuse Reflectance NIR Analyzer



Handheld LIBS Analyzer for the Pharmaceutical Industry


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Application Notes

Moving identity verification of incoming raw materials out of the laboratory and into the warehouse through the use of handheld spectrometers The benefits of Raman spectroscopy are well recognized for the molecular identification of unknown samples and being used routinely in various applications areas
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