Laser Systems

At B&W Tek we have always been committed to providing the best system solution for your spectroscopy and laser needs. Since the company’s establishment, we’ve emphasized strong vertical integration for better efficiency, faster growth and high quality products. B&W Tek uses core components that are designed and manufactured in-house to create total solutions for a wide range of applications.

B&W Tek offers you a complete line of high performance (class IIIb & IV) diode, DPSS and fiber laser systems that are available in both laboratory and medical grade configurations. These laser systems are the ideal source for your application, including but not limited to: fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy/microscopy, precision alignment, metrology, particle counting, laser printing, plastic welding, laser biomodulation, photodynamic therapy, and laser surgery such as soft-tissue ablation, dissection, & photocoagulation.