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Although a highly skilled jeweler can be qualified to identify and evaluate gemstones with the naked eye, scientific study is within reach for nearly anyone else to identify an unknown gemstone, or verify the authenticity of a known gemstone. As a nondestructive technique that requires no sample preparation, Raman spectroscopy is the perfect tool to determine the identification of synthetic or natural gemstones, identify impurities, and research the origin of color in gemstones. Raman technology, which can be used on mounted gems and pieces of jewelry, is capable of providing gemstone spectra for all classes, including: borates, carbonates, halides, native elements, oxides, phosphates, silicates, sulfates and sulfides.



Raman Gemstone Identification System


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Application Notes

The benefits of Raman spectroscopy are well recognized for the molecular identification of unknown samples and being used routinely in various applications areas
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