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Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)

Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy is a surface treatment technology that enhances the Raman scattering efficiency in which molecules are absorbed on a nanostructure surface such as plasmonic-magnetic silica nanotubes or Au/Ag based nano-treated surface. The enhancement factor can be as much as 103-1012, which means the limit of detection, may be down to single molecules.

SERS is a “hot” technology with groundbreaking cancer detection and screening in biomedical applications, low concentration monitoring of water quality control in environment pollution protection, target component discovery of additive or contaminants in the food industry and forensic science as well detecting illegal drugs contained in suspicious samples.


i-Raman® Prime

High throughput, Highly Sensitive, High Resolution Raman System



Portable Raman System for Content Uniformity



All-Inclusive Handheld Raman for Identification of Explosives, Hazmat, Narcotics & More


TacticID®-1064 ST

Fluorescence Resistant Handheld Raman Analyzer for Narcotics, Explosives, Hazardous Chemicals & More



Portable Raman Analyzer for Rapid Analysis and Identification Through Opaque Barriers


i-Raman® Pro

Deep Cooled, Highly Sensitive, High Resolution Fiber Optic Raman System


TacticID®-N Plus

Handheld Analyzer for Narcotics Identification


TacticID®-GP Plus

All-Inclusive Handheld Analyzer for Hazmat, Narcotics and More


i-Raman® EX

1064nm Fiber Optic Raman System


i-Raman® Plus

Highly Sensitive, High Resolution Fiber Optic Raman System


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Application Notes

The trace level detection of explosive compounds is a rapidly evolving field of crucial interest for environmental safety and homeland security. In this frame, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS), has gained increasing importance because, since its first observation, the surface enhancement effect promised to overcome the problems arising from the low sensitivity of Raman spectroscopy, combining its analytical advantages with the possibility of trace level detection. The results, discussed in application note, validate the use of the SERS technique with a lower cost compact Raman platform for in-field security diagnostics.
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Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) has attracted significant attention in recent years due to rising interest in trace level detection in the field for applications such as environmental safety, food safety, and homeland security. The development of SERS technology is being driven by a need to overcome the technical barrier of the lower detection limit with Raman spectroscopy as well as the need for trace level detection of explosive compounds, chemical residuals, and biomedical diagnostics.
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In recent research published in Scientific Reports, B&W Tek’s NanoRam® handheld Raman spectrometer was utilized in a study on programmable SERS active substrates for chemical and biosensing applications using amorphous/crystalline hybrid silicon nanomaterial. The study investigated the ability to create a Raman active nanomaterial from an inactive Raman bulk material with successful results.
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