Exemplar: World’s First Smart Spectrometer

We are proud to introduce the future of miniature spectrometers, and what users are calling the first truly “smart” spectrometer. The Exemplar is the first miniature spectrometer to include an embedded processor to allow for effortless on-board data processing, including averaging, smoothing, and automatic dark subtraction. In addition to these “smart” capabilities embedded directly into its compact form factor, the Exemplar embodies several other groundbreaking features that render it the only one of its class. Unprecedented speed, using “SuperSpeed” USB 3.0 communication provides data transfer of 900 spectra per second. Multichannel capabilities deliver an ultra-low trigger delay of 14 nanoseconds and a gate jitter of +/-1 nanosecond – specifications that are unmatched by any spectrometer currently on the market. The ability to control the CCD exposure time to within one microsecond allows the user to have unparalleled control over the spectra’s signal-to-noise ratio.

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