Glacier X: Preconfigured for Fluorescence and Raman

B&W Tek’s proprietary TE Cooling technology allows the signal to be integrated for sufficient time to accumulate measurable signals for detection, without being saturated with dark noise. The result is a far superior signal-to-noise ratio.  Now, B&W Tek is excited to announce two new preconfigured models of the Glacier™ X which are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. For fluorescence, the Glacier X is configured with a 100 micron slit, 350nm – 1050nm wavelength range, and cylindrical lens, which provides up to a 3x boost in sensitivity. The Glacier X preconfigured for Raman spectroscopy is designed for use with a 785nm excitation source, has a wavelength range of 3215cm-1 from the Rayleigh line and a resolution of ~10cm-1.

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