Tip of the Week: 04/25

For easy alignment and extra stability when measuring transmission through a large piece of glass or plastic, you can remove the center piece on B&W Tek’s adjustable cuvette holder and insert your sample between the two collimating optics. Continue reading

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Raman Spectroscopy Tackles Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

Today’s Raman instrumentation is faster, more rugged and less expensive, and advances in component miniaturization have led to the design of high-performance, portable, handheld devices. These handheld devices are particularly well-suited for pharmaceutical applications. Continue reading

Portable RamanHandheld Raman

Analytical Instrumentation Gets Faster, Smaller, and Easier to Use

Drug Development & Delivery magazine recently contacted B&W Tek to discuss how we’re developing devices that address key trends in today’s pharmaceutical industry: the need for faster sample prep, more user-friendly equipment, and smaller but more sophisticated instruments. Continue reading

Portable RamanHandheld Raman

Educational Video Series: Episode 5 – Fluorescence Spectroscopy

In this episode of B&W Tek’s Educational Video Series we discuss fluorescence. Our discussion will include an overview of some … Continue reading

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Tip of the Week: 03/29

When developing an identification method using the NanoRam, be sure to include sample scans measured through various packaging materials that the sample will need to be tested in. Continue reading

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