Using Raman to Identify Contaminated Alcohol

This article, published in Spectroscopy magazine, discusses using portable Raman spectroscopy to identify and quantify methanol in contaminated liquor. We discuss why portable Raman spectroscopy is the ideal choice for screening methanol-laced rum and other types of adulteration. Continue reading

Portable Raman

Handheld Raman for 100% Incoming Material Inspection

Katherine Bakeev, Director of Applications Support at B&W Tek, speaks with European Pharmaceutical Review in their “Under the Microscope” segment to explain why handheld Raman is an excellent choice to aid pharmaceutical manufacturers who are looking for a reliable, rapid method to achieve 100% material inspection. Continue reading

Handheld Raman

Webcast: Handheld Raman: Advantages in the Pharmaceutical Industry

This webinar will discuss the benefits and applications of handheld Raman, as well as PIC/S and how it is unifying the regulatory perspective globally. Continue reading

Handheld Raman

Correlation Vs. Multivariate Algorithms for Material Identification

This article discusses the two most common approaches used for on-board analysis on handheld Raman spectrometers; Hit Quality Index (HQI) and significance level (p-value), with specific examples for the use of each algorithm. Continue reading

Handheld Raman

Discrimination of Bacterial Growth Media

Article on using B&W Tek’s NanoRam handheld Raman spectrometer to distinguish highly-fluorescent biological samples without the use of surface-enhanced Raman scattering. Continue reading

Handheld Raman

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