Tip of the Week: 10/10

When measuring sources of unknown intensity, it is often useful to use the “auto-integration” function in BWSpec… Continue reading

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Video: Application of B&W Tek Lasers in Neurobiology

At Janelia Farm, Dr. Zlatic is using multiple BWF5 high power, rack mounted, fiber coupled diode lasers with custom flat field optics from B&W Tek as her stimulus to understand how sensory input affects the nervous system. Continue reading


Tip of the Week: 10/4

To quickly restore default spectrometer parameters in BWSpec, select “Flash Access…” from the menu bar located under “Setup” then click … Continue reading

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Tip of the Week: 9/20

When measuring fast kinetic reactions, it is helpful to use the “burst mode” function… Continue reading

Spectrometer Modules

E-book: Portable Raman Enters a New Era

In this e-book, see how Raman has gained new reach within the pharmaceutical industry, due in large part to improved performance, better functionality and ease of use, and easy transfer of spectral information and libraries… Continue reading

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