App Note: Quantitative Raman Analysis

Chemometric modeling to determine concentrations of methanol in tertiary mixtures using a high resolution portable Raman spectrometer… Continue reading

Portable Raman

BWSpec 4.00: Spectral Data Acquisition Software

Announcing new improvements including spectral management system, spectrum list panel and 64 bit compatibility… Continue reading

Spectrometer ModulesPortable Raman

Webcast: Raman Analysis of Polymers and Additives

On Wednesday, 3/7/12 at 1pm (ET) we will be hosting a webcast given by Travis Thompson and Henryk Herman, hosted by Spectroscopy… Continue reading

Portable Raman

Webcast: Fundamentals of Miniature Spectrometers

On Wednesday, 2/29/12 at 1pm ET we will be hosting a webcast given by Jason Hammock, hosted by Photonics Media… Continue reading

Spectrometer Modules

BAC200: Raman Micro Lensed Probe

We are proud to introduce the first Raman probe capable of delivering high performance in a diameter of less than 4mm… Continue reading

Portable Raman

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