Transmission Raman and Content Uniformity Testing

Content uniformity testing is a standard pharmaceutical test to ensure the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) content in solid dosage forms … Continue reading

Portable Raman

STRam®: 1064 Making Waves

Raw pharmaceutical materials are frequently packaged within polyethylene bottles, or Kraft paper sacks in single or multiple layers. Properly identifying … Continue reading

Portable Raman

Historic Stamps: Cracking down on counterfeits with Raman

Historical stamps are cultural heritage objects that provide an invaluable amount of historical information. Holding a high monetary value as … Continue reading

Portable Raman

Nutraceuticals: Challenging real-world samples for handheld Raman

Botanicals are a well-known active ingredient within the nutraceuticals market. They are plants used for their medicinal and therapeutic properties. … Continue reading

Handheld Raman

Benefits of Handheld Raman Spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy is a form of molecular spectroscopy that yields the chemical fingerprint of measured samples. These unique signatures are … Continue reading

Handheld Raman

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