Using Raman Spectroscopy for Content Uniformity Testing

Content uniformity (CU) is a key analytical parameter in pharmaceutical testing, particularly in quality control of dosage form tablets. The … Continue reading

Thin Film Photovoltaic

Thin Film Analysis with B&W Tek

Modern engineering is increasingly concerned with device miniaturization and the exploitation of materials at smaller dimensions than ever. At the … Continue reading

Portable Raman

Counterfeit Analysis: Which Spectroscopic Method Works Best?

Counterfeit analysis encompasses a broad range of tools used to distinguish adulterated substances from the genuine article. In border control … Continue reading

Portable Raman

Key Principles of Carbon Analysis

Carbon (C) is one of the most ubiquitous elements ever discovered, forming a fundamental component of all living things and … Continue reading

Portable Raman

What is Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy?

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, abbreviated as LIBS analysis, is a versatile technique used to interrogate the elemental composition of a sample. … Continue reading

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