OEM Spectrometer and Laser Solutions

B&W Tek is a total solution provider of Laser, Spectrometer, IR, NIR and Raman Instrumentation because we work with our customers to understand their product needs and achieve their business goals. We offer an extensive range of spectrometers, lasers and light sources, accessories, and software packages that are designed and built in house. These include ready-to-use, off-the shelf products or customized combinations for a complete solution specific to your needs.

Our Methodology

Phase 1: Evaluation
B&W Tek works closely with you from the very beginning to obtain a detailed view of your product requirements. After studying and evaluating the technical feasibility, we then propose a solution based on your business objective.

Phase 2: Development & Prototype
Upon your approval, we work to achieve your required performance goals, and to demonstrate and deliver a small number of prototype products, typically in less than three months.

Phase 3: Pilot Production
We work with you to resolve any manufacturing issues, to pursue opportunities for cost reduction, and to scale up for production. At this stage, the product design goes through final qualification and additional testing protocols are developed to address the quality and reliability.
Phase 4: Full Production
We then establish the final manufacturing process and bring your new product into full volume production. Our highly skilled quality control team ensures every single product meets your performance and stability requirements.

Phase 5: Post Production Services
From our facilities in the US and abroad, B&W Tek provides a full range of post- production services to empower and support you. We also provide customized warranty and service policies to eliminate time consuming repair costs. Now that we’ve helped you realize your vision, we’ll continue to work with you on the next generation of your product.

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