Patent Awarded: Fiber Spectroscopic Probe Mounted onto Microscope

We are proud to announce our 18th patent, awarded for the design of a spectroscopic probe that mounts directly to a standard microscope in order to add spectroscopic function to the microscope with minimal alteration to the microscope’s optical path.  When portable Raman spectrometers were originally attached to standard microscopes, in order to convert them to Raman microscopes, it created a smaller form factor than traditional Raman microscopes, but at a cost. In order to accommodate the Raman spectrometer attached, modifications had to be made to the optical path of the microscope, which affected the microscope’s original functionality.  The innovative probe design from B&W Tek was able to resolve these issues.

To read the full press release, click here.
For more information on the microscope, click here.

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