Excitation wavelength 532 nm, 785 nm or 1064 nm
Raman cut-off 65 cm-1 for 532E, and 785E models*
150 cm-1 for 532, 532-HT, 785, and 785-HT models
100 cm-1 for 1064, and 1064-HT models
Rayleigh rejection OD6 (OD8 optional)
Shaft material 304 SS
Shaft length 3” (76.2 mm)
Shaft Diameter 0.371” (9.42 mm)
Trigger switch SMD light touch switch
Working distance1 5.4 mm for 532 nm models
5.5 mm for 785 nm models
5.9 mm for 1064 nm models
Laser spot diameter at focal plane 85 μm
Maximum probe shaft operating temperature2 Standard version: 80°C
Immersion version : 150°C
Maximum probe body operating temperature2 80°C
Storage temperature2 -10°C – 60°C
Humidity 10-85%, non-condensing
Shaft window material Flat quartz (Flat sapphire or sapphire ball optional)
Seal material (shaft tip) Standard shafts: Epoxy sealed
immersion shafts: Kalrez® O-ring or customer specified
Fiber length 1.5 m
Excitation fiber 105 μm core; FC/PC terminated
Collection fiber 200 μm core, SMA 905 terminated for standard models;
300 μm core, FC/PC terminated for HT models.
1) Working distance is defined as the distance from the focal point in air to the end surface of the shaft.
2 ) The probe body and shaft are not sealed. To prevent irreversible damage caused by condensation on internal optic surfaces, do not subject any part of the probe to a temperature below the dew point. If needed, use a purged probe.
*cut-on start from 65 (up to 70) cm-1