Part Number BWT-840001195
Excitation Wavelength 1064 nm
Fluorescence resistant Excellent
SERS Capability No
Laser Output Power Class 3B; Adjustable between 22mW to 220mW
Spectral Range 176cm-1 to 2500cm-1
Detector Type TE-cooled InGaAs array
Display 5” High brightness & high resolution touch screen
Bar Code Reader No
Camera 13 MP On-board camera with flash light
Software TOS-XM (embedded), TID 21 (PC)
Algorithm HQI match/no match; mixture analysis
Data Formats .csv, .spc data and pdf reports available
Data Transfer Wi-Fi, USB-C, Direct Export to USB drive
Battery "Rechargeable Li-ion, > 7 hours normal operation, supports car charger and external power bank, > 150 hour standby time."
AC Adapter Output: DC 15V, 3A minimum
Weight 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)
Size 8.4 x 4.3 x 2.2 in (212 x 107 x 55 mm)
Operating Temperature -20 °C to +50 °C
Protection IP68, MIL STD 810H drop compliant
Standard Sampling Accessories Point & shoot, liquid vial holder, right angle adaptor, polystyrene validation cap, bottle adaptor *More Options on our Accessories page  
Typical Analysis Time (at 90% Tower) <30 Seconds
Laser safe distance (NOHD) 9 inch (23cm away)
Compliance CE, Laser Safety
Hard Button 2: Power key and laser key
Factory Warranty 2 years. Additional warranty available for purchase
Software update Free within warranty, annual updates available
Library update Free within warranty, annual updates available