Vision Software Tutorial | Connecting to Raman Instruments

In this video, we walk you through how to connect Vision software to B&W Tek’s portable Raman instruments Learn more … Continue reading

Vision Software Tutorial | Collecting and Viewing Raman Spectra

In this video, we walk you through collecting and viewing Raman spectra within the Vision software. Learn more about Vision … Continue reading

Vision Software Tutorial | Raman Performance Tests

In this video, we walk you through conducting performance tests within Vision software for B&W Tek portable Raman instruments Learn … Continue reading

i-Raman Plus – Probe Cleaning Tutorial

In this tutorial video, we discuss best practices and proper procedures for cleaning the probe of your i-Raman instrument. Follow … Continue reading

BWIQ – Software Overview Tutorial

In this video, we provide an overview of BWIQ, our chemometric software, which allows for extensive data analysis and modeling of spectroscopic data. Continue reading

BWIQ – Building a Classification Model

In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to build a classification model with Raman spectral data in BWIQ. Continue reading

BWSpec 4.10 – File Saving & Conversion

In this tutorial, we discuss our new Raman format, .TXTR, and show how to properly save files, along with the … Continue reading

BWIQ – Creating a Quantitative Model

In this tutorial, we use the BWIQ software to create a quantitative model that will allow us to rapidly predict the amount of methanol in contaminated spirits, using portable Raman spectroscopy. Continue reading

BWSpec 4.10 – Batch Re-Process

In this video we will talk about what Batch Re-Process is, how to re-process a timeline data series or batch of files, and how to import an Experiment Setup configuration to be used for Batch Re-Process. Continue reading

BWSpec 4.10 – Probe & Experiment Setup

In this video, we’ll talk about what Relative Intensity Correction is, and then go over creating a probe profile in Hardware Setup and creating an experiment in Experiment Setup using the Probe profile. Continue reading