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We offer a full suite of software for spectroscopic data collection and analysis designed for users at all levels, and varying applications. Our standard BWSpec® spectral data acquisition software allows for easy collection of data from our Raman systems and modular spectrometers. It includes tools for instrument control for data collection and spectral manipulation. The raw data and corrected data are stored and can be easily viewed. Data manipulation tools include smoothing, baseline correction and derivatives. Data can be saved in different formats for use in additional application software. For spectral identification against Raman spectral libraries with a simple interface for immediate identification for verification with a pass/fail result, our BWID® software provides qualitative analysis. Users of BWID software can create their own Raman spectral libraries, or select from our numerous ready to use libraries. For identification with portable Raman in regulated environments, the US FDA 21 CFR part 11- complaint version of BWID can be used. B&W Tek’s unique see-through identification using the STRam® can also be done using the BWID software operating on the embedded tablet computer of the STRam system. For quantitative analysis, data collected with BWSpec or other packages can be imported into the BWIQ® multivariate data analysis software, offering a full suite of data preprocessing, regression and classification analysis algorithms. PLS regression models from the BWIQ software an be used in rel-time in our BWAnalyst software, for use with the QTRam , as well as in Metrohm’s Vision® software. The i-Raman series portable Raman instruments can also be operated for single acquisition, or for real-time analysis in the Routine Analysis mode of the Vision software.

For those of interested in building your own customized software or integrating a portable Raman system or spectrometer into a larger system, we also provide a suite of software development kits (SDK) with detailed function calls to controls for the laser, spectrometer, and data processing algorithms. These SDKs come with sample code in numerous programming languages.

Our handheld Raman products, the NanoRam and TacticID have embedded operating systems and software focused on easy touch-screen operation by all levels of users.

This comprehensive line of spectral acquisition and analysis software provides you with the solution you need from the collection of data with optimized collection parameters, to one-click sample identification, to quantitative Raman analysis of one or more components in a sample matrix.

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