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Handheld Raman Spectrometers

B&W Tek is at the forefront of the development of handheld Raman spectrometers with their integrated development of mobile spectroscopy solutions. Handheld Raman is an industry-changing technology that has drastically impacted the pharmaceutical and chemical industries’ quality control process for incoming raw material testing. It provides the safety and security market an easy-to-use tool for field identification of unknown, suspicious, potentially hazardous or illicit substances. Raman spectroscopy has always provided nondestructive testing with the advantage over other methods of high specificity without requiring sample preparation or direct contact with the sample. Raman has the unique capability of being able to test a sample directly through transparent packing material like glass or plastic, therefore decreasing exposure to samples and maintaining sample integrity. With the added benefit of portability, handheld Raman spectrometers considerably increase efficiency by bringing the instrument to the sample, allowing for streamlined work processes.

B&W Tek’s handheld Raman product lines – NanoRam® and TacticID® - feature intuitive onboard software so that even users without in-depth knowledge of analytical chemistry can use the instrument on a routine basis to provide the information they need. The easy operation of handheld Raman instrumentation makes it an ideal tool in a production environment or field applications.

B&W Tek is dedicated to providing you with the best handheld Raman solutions possible. The NanoRam is the first handheld Raman spectrometer of its class to feature laboratory-grade performance and computer processing in the palm of your hand. With models operating at 785-nm or 1064-nm Raman laser excitation, the NanoRam and TacticID handheld Raman products have become the industry standard for quality control for raw material identification, narcotics detection and forensic analysis, and anti-counterfeiting. B&W Tek is the only company to offer to a full suite of handheld Raman products with 785-nmand 1064-nm Raman options, which are able to readily analyze and identify the broadest range of organic and inorganic materials.

The NanoRam is the ideal solution for incoming material identification and verification, at-line sampling, final inspection, and counterfeit drug detection. By combining state-of-the-art TE cooling and spectrum-stabilized laser technology, the NanoRam is the most sensitive and repeatable handheld spectrometer ever designed to identify harmful and non-conforming materials.

In addition to the NanoRam, the TacticID handheld Raman family from B&W Tek is comprised of field-ready handheld Raman spectral analysis instruments designed for non-contact forensic analysis by a variety of safety personnel including law enforcement, bomb squads, customs and border protection, hazmat teams and more. The TacticID, with models using 785-nm and 1064-nm laser excitation, utilizes lab-proven Raman spectroscopy, allowing users to get real-time actionable identification of unknown chemicals, explosives, narcotics and many other substances while reducing operational uncertainty and response time without ever compromising the integrity of the sample or the chain of evidence. Utilizing our specialized TacPac and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) substrates, even low levels of narcotics such as fentanyl in can be detected with the TacticID.

Handheld Raman

TacticID® Mobile – BWT-840001195

Handheld 1064nm Raman for Identification of Narcotics, Explosives, Hazmat & More

NanoRam® 1064 – BWT-840000953

Handheld Raman Spectrometer

TacticID®-1064 – BWT-840000920

All-Inclusive Handheld Raman for Identification of Explosives, Hazmat, Narcotics & More

TacticID®-1064 ST – BWT-840001134

Fluorescence Resistant Handheld Raman Analyzer for Narcotics, Explosives, Hazardous Chemicals & More

TacticID® N Plus – BWT-840000994

Handheld Analyzer for Narcotics Identification

NanoRam Accessories


NanoRam® Point and Shoot Adaptor


NanoRam® Right Angle Adaptor


NanoRam-1064 Large Bottle Adaptor


NanoRam-1064 Immersion Probe


NanoRam® Bottle Adaptor


NanoRam® Immersion Probe


NanoRam® Tablet Holder Adaptor


NanoRam® Polystyrene Validation Cap


NanoRam® Liquid Vial Holder Adaptor


NanoRam® Disposable, Protective Sleeve

TacticID Accessories


Silver P-SERS substrates


TacticID Plus Point and Shoot Adaptor


TacticID-1064 ST Adaptor


TacticID Plus Polystyrene Validation Cap


TacticID Plus Right Angle Adaptor


TacticID Plus Liquid Vial Holder


TacticID Plus SERS Analysis kit


TacticID Plus SERS Analysis Adaptor


TacticID-1064 Immersion Probe


TacticID-1064 Right Angle Adaptor


TacticID-1064 Large Bottle Adaptor


TacticID-1064 Polystyrene Validation Cap


TacticID-1064 Point and shoot adaptor

TacticID Shoulder Bag


TacticID Mobile Power Bank


Handheld Raman Software

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