semiconductor on electrical circuitry


The fundamental properties of materials used in the semiconductor industry can be studied by Raman spectroscopy since these materials (which include graphene) have distinct Raman bands related to their structure and composition. The composition of the materials, including the concentration of Germanium, can be quantified by Raman spectroscopy, which also has the capability to measure the crystallinity of the materials and the materials' responses to stress and strain. Using Raman spectroscopy as a process analysis and quality control tool in wafer manufacturing can help to improve product yield and determine the quality of semiconductors in the manufacturing process.


i-Raman® Prime

High throughput, Highly Sensitive, High Resolution Raman System

i-Raman® EX

1064nm Fiber Optic Raman System

i-Raman® Plus

Highly Sensitive, High Resolution Fiber Optic Raman System

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Application Notes

Raman spectroscopy is a nondestructive and highly versatile technique for analysis of chemicals, both organic and inorganic. It is used in industry, bioscience, medical diagnosis, forensics, and many other areas.
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