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Safety, Security & Forensics

As threats both foreign and abroad continue to jeopardize our safety, technology evolves to ensure first responders and security personnel have access to the latest in identification equipment. Handheld Raman spectroscopy tools provide safety and first responder personnel with an invaluable identification tool that can mean the difference between public evacuations, arrest proceedings, containment procedures, laboratory testing or quite literally – life and death. Raman tools require little or no sample preparation, nondestructive, noncontact sampling and minimal technical understanding for operation. Users can scan directly through evidence bags, glass bottles, clear plastics, pill blister packs and more with a detailed analysis returned in seconds. Global law enforcement personnel, national/local narcotics and forensics laboratories, customs and border patrol, bomb squads, hazardous material technicians, military personnel and more can benefit from the safety, convenience, accuracy and speed of handheld Raman technology from B&W Tek.


TacticID® Mobile – BWT-840001195

Handheld 1064nm Raman for Identification of Narcotics, Explosives, Hazmat & More

TacticID®-1064 – BWT-840000920

All-Inclusive Handheld Raman for Identification of Explosives, Hazmat, Narcotics & More

TacticID®-1064 ST – BWT-840001134

Fluorescence Resistant Handheld Raman Analyzer for Narcotics, Explosives, Hazardous Chemicals & More

TacticID® N Plus – BWT-840000994

Handheld Analyzer for Narcotics Identification

i-Raman® EX

1064nm Fiber Optic Raman System

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Application Notes

Law enforcement personnel, laboratory technicians, crime scene investigators and many others face a significant challenge for identification of materials in a forensic investigation, as they must routinely examine materials such as gun powder residue, drugs of abuse, hair sampling, chemical precursors and more. In these cases, technologies such as Raman spectroscopy can be successfully used for cursory identification of multiple forensic sample types either directly in the field or in the lab.
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In this study, we show how Raman spectroscopy, which has been studied extensively for forensic fiber analysis, is a perfect fit for this scenario because of the high selectivity of Raman signatures, non-destruction nature of the test, and the ability to conduct the analysis without any sample preparation.
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New drugs are appearing at an alarming rate and the global drug problem is spiraling out of control. Raman technology can provide quick and accurate sample processing for law enforcement to reduce time and cost while protecting officers and citizens alike.
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Spectroscopic techniques are showing an increase in their potential applications in the forensic field due to the novel instrumentation which is being developed to be faster, more sensitive, more compact and portable and more flexible to analyse a wider variety of substances. In this application note, demanding and challenging applications in which an in‐situ standoff identification of samples might be advisable, were tested using Raman spectroscopy.
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In this application note, we’ll explore some of the capabilities of the TacticID-1064 ST handheld Raman system and how it can be used to measure and identify illicit substances through both transparent and opaque containers without fluorescence issues that are generally associated with 785 nm Raman systems.
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This app note discusses the modes of operation and library capabilities for the TacticID product family, including an A mode for advanced users to customize their individual library spectra for spectral search range and hit quality index (HQI) threshold
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