fingerprint under magnifying glass, police in riot gear

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Safety, Security & Forensics

As threats both foreign and abroad continue to jeopardize our safety, technology evolves to ensure first responders and security personnel have access to the latest in identification equipment. Handheld Raman spectroscopy tools provide safety and first responder personnel with an invaluable identification tool that can mean the difference between public evacuations, arrest proceedings, containment procedures, laboratory testing or quite literally – life and death. Raman tools require little or no sample preparation, nondestructive, noncontact sampling and minimal technical understanding for operation. Users can scan directly through evidence bags, glass bottles, clear plastics, pill blister packs and more with a detailed analysis returned in seconds. Global law enforcement personnel, national/local narcotics and forensics laboratories, customs and border patrol, bomb squads, hazardous material technicians, military personnel and more can benefit from the safety, convenience, accuracy and speed of handheld Raman technology from B&W Tek.