Spectrometer Systems in the Vis & NIR Region – B&W Tek

VIS/NIR Systems

At B&W Tek we have always been committed to providing the best system solution for your spectroscopy and laser needs. Since the company’s establishment, we’ve emphasized strong vertical integration for better efficiency, faster growth and high quality products. B&W Tek uses core components that are designed and manufactured in-house to create total solutions for a wide range of applications.

Our extensive knowledge and cutting edge technology in the field of Raman spectroscopy has allowed us to focus on solution-oriented products that are designed for non-specialists and provide easy, rapid measurements in a matter of minutes. This family of best-in-class, fiber-coupled, portable laboratory Raman systems offers you unprecedented sampling utility, allowing you to do more with less.

We also feature a unique array of NIR and broadband fiber coupled spectrophotometers which, when coupled with various sampling accessories allow you to perform a wide variety of applications such as transmission, reflected color and NIR vibrational spectroscopy. Our SpectraRad® series of miniature spectral irradiance meters are your ideal solution for characterizing light sources such as LEDs.


i-Spec 25®

Full Range Broadband Spectrophotometer


i-Spec® 17/17B/22

Portable Broadband Transmittance / Reflectance / Absorption Spectrometers


i-Spec® Plus

Diffuse Reflectance NIR Analyzer


Spectral Irradiance Meters

SpectraRad® Xpress

Miniature Spectral Irradiance Meter



Miniature Spectral Irradiance Meter