Frequently Asked Questions

Spectrometer Modules FAQs


TE Cooled
Q - How do I know if a model is TE Cooled?
A - If the spectrometer model name starts with BTC it is a TE Cooled unit.


Q - How do I know if a model is non-cooled?
A - If the spectrometer model name starts with BRC it is a non-cooled unit.


Q - Where can I download a copy of the BWSpec™ software?
A - BWSpec™ can be downloaded from our website for those who have a valid login. The link is located here.


Q - I lost my BWSpec CD, how do I get a new one?
A - If your unit is less than 1 year old from date of purchase, you may login to our downloads website to download a copy of the software.


Q - How often does one need to acquire a dark scan during a period of usage?
A - If you change the integration time, a new dark scan must be taken if using the Dark Subtract feature.
If you’re measuring condition change, such as keeping the shutter open while taking a dark measurement to eliminate the ambient light affect, then you must take a dark measurement.


Q - What is the intent of a reference scan?
A - 1. To normalize the instrument response curve.
A - 2. To remove etaloning effect in back-thinned CCD based instruments.


Q - What does TR mean?
A - T stands for Transmittance; R stands for Reflectance


Q - How are the sales quotes provided?
A - All quotes are provided in USD. Price quoted FOB: Delaware USA; Shipping & Handling not included.
Q - Is the software included in the purchase of spectrometer?
A - Yes, BWSpec software will be provided