New Study Validates Identification of Complex Compounds with Handheld Raman

A new study, published in American Pharmaceutical Review, shows that the NanoRam has the ability to quickly differentiate between challenging compounds. Continue reading

Handheld Raman

Tip of the Week: 11/29

When choosing the correct Raman spectrometer for your lab, it is important to consider the overall utility of the system. Continue reading

Portable Raman

Educational Video Series: Episode 1 – Emission Spectroscopy

Join us for a discussion about what emission spectroscopy
is, what it’s used for, and how to take emission measurements. Continue reading

Spectrometer Modules

Webcast: The Evolution of Miniature Spectrometers

On Tuesday, 11/20/12 at 2;00pm EDT, we will be giving an instructional webinar on the fundamentals of modular spectrometers and how they have evolved into a modern spectroscopic tool. Continue reading

Spectrometer Modules

Tip of the Week: 10/17

The Exemplar® Plus features a built in electromechanical shutter which automatically blocks the input light when performing a dark scan. This is especially beneficial for… Continue reading

Spectrometer Modules

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