Metal Hydroxide Measurement Using Handheld and Portable Raman

It is a common belief that identifying and differentiating different metal hydroxides is not viable with handheld Raman spectrometers. This study demonstrates that B&W Tek’s Handheld and Portable Raman with a low wavenumber cutoff can identify commonly used metal hydroxides (NaOH, KOH, Mg(OH)2, and LiOH).

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TacticID Mobile: Counterfeit Adderall Pills

In March 2021 the U.S. DEA issued a warning for the New England region stating that counterfeit Adderall pills manufactured to appear the same as real Adderall tablets while containing the highly addictive drug methamphetamine were being circulated throughout New Hampshire. In this case study, a suspected counterfeit Adderall pill was measured with a TacticID Mobile and a traditional 785-nm handheld Raman system.

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Method Development with NanoRam®-1064

In this technical app note, we detail recommended practices for using the patented reduced variable multivariate algorithm that allows for robust, rapid and nondestructive raw material identification with NanoRam-1064 handheld Raman analyzer.

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Pros and Cons of Using Correlation versus Multivariate Algorithms for Material ID via Handheld Spectroscopy

The economic and technical benefits of handheld Raman have been well discussed in open literature, but one area of confusion is in regards to the different statistical algorithms used for on board analysis of spectra and its results. In this article, we will discuss the two most common mathematical representations: Hit Quality Index (HQI) and significance level (p-value).

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Sampling Guidelines for Handheld Raman Measurements; What You Need To Know

When it comes to rapid material identification, it is necessary to ensure flexibility in measuring samples for the best data with minimal sample preparation and handling. This application note explores sampling techniques that provide a high return on investment (ROI) without introducing complexity to the incoming material inspection and receiving process.

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See-Through Measurements of Illicit Substances in Commercial Containers with the TacticID®-1064 ST

In this application note, we’ll explore some of the capabilities of the TacticID-1064 ST handheld Raman system and how it can be used to measure and identify illicit substances through both transparent and opaque containers without fluorescence issues that generally associated with 785 nm Raman systems.

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NanoRam®-1064 Fast Facts: Botanical Verification

This app note demonstrates the effectiveness of utilizing the NanoRam-1064 for analyzing and identifying botanical ingredients while minimizing fluorescence to provide accurate results.

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A-Mode: Customizable Library Capabilities for Advanced Users with the TacticID®-GP Plus Handheld Raman System

This app note discusses the modes of operation and library capabilities for the TacticID product family, including an A mode for advanced users to customize their individual library spectra for spectral search range and hit quality index (HQI) threshold

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NanoRam®-1064 Fast Facts: Raw Material Verification of Cellulose and its Derivatives

This app note demonstrates how the NanoRam-1064 accurately identifies and verifies cellulose materials used frequently in raw material pharmaceutical settings by minimizing fluorescence

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Reduced Variable Multivariate Analysis for Material Identification with the NanoRam®-1064

This app note describes a new reduced variable multivariate (RVM) algorithm implemented on the NanoRam-1064 that gives it robust methodologies for rapid, nondestructive sample verification of darker materials and those that exhibit strong fluorescence.

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Material ID through Dark Brown PV Bag

This technical note is to demonstrate the ability of the NanoRam® (785 nm laser excitation) for material identification through dark brown plastic bags. Tests have been done for material identification test directly from outside dark brown polyvinyl bag using NanoRam.

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Rapid Field Testing of Ecstasy Pills Using a 1064-nm Handheld Raman Device

Brightly-colored street samples such as ecstasy tablets pose a serious challenge due to the fluorescence interference commonly associated with Raman devices that use a 785-nm laser. For this reason, handheld Raman systems that contain 1064-nm laser excitation, as opposed to the 785-nm laser excitation traditionally used, are the newest advancement in Raman instrumentation in an effort to significantly reduce fluorescence interference.

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Reverse Intensity Correction for Raman Spectral Library Search

In this research article published in Applied Spectroscopy by Dr. Jun Zhao, Dr. Jack Zhou and Kristen Frano, they present a method that improves Raman library search performance for CCD instruments such as the NanoRam for more consistent HQI matches and improved library specificity, enhancing NanoRam performance for rapid identification use.

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The Advantages of a Compact, Thermoelectrically-Cooled Fiber Optic Spectrometer for Raman and Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Compact spectrometers using array detectors and fiber optic light inputs are being utilized for a wide variety of spectroscopic applications.

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La espectroscopia Raman de mano-Una herramienta para reducir los riesgos en materiales utilizados en la fabricación

Con el riesgo creciente de impactos negativos en la calidad, existe la necesidad de un control regulador más estricto para garantizar la seguridad y la calidad de todos los materiales en la cadena de producción de una compañía farmacéutica con el fin de mitigar los riesgos; desde la materia prima entrante a la supervisión en tiempo real y durante las etapas críticas de la producción, hasta la inspección final del producto.

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Raman Spectroscopy as a Tool for Process Analytical Technology

Raman spectroscopy is a well-suited spectroscopic technique for process development and control within development laboratories in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. This article demonstrates the utility of portable Raman spectroscopy as a simple and versatile tool for process analytical technology (PAT) in regards to raw material identification, in-situ monitoring of reactions in developing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and for real-time process monitoring.

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Rapid Detection of the Low Dose API in Xanax Using Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Anti-Counterfeiting Purposes

The emergence of counterfeit prescription drugs has become a concern for the pharmaceutical industry. Counterfeit drugs are fraudulently manufactured and/or mislabeled to appear genuine. Due to the prevalence of these potentially dangerous counterfeits, it is necessary to develop a technique that can quickly confirm the identity of a suspected fake drug.

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Raw Material Identification through Multiple Polyethylene Bags

Raman technology is known for its fast speed and convenience for material identification and verification since Raman measurements can be conducted through transparent containers without any sample preparation. This technical note showcases the NanoRam handheld Raman spectrometer for raw material identification through multiple polyethylene (PE) bags.

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Using Handheld Raman Spectroscopy To Reduce Risks In Materials Used For Manufacturing

This article presents the discussion on minimizing risks in quality of pharmaceutical manufacturing using Raman spectroscopy, which provides a rapid, reliable means of testing in many different environments in manufacturing, including the loading dock.

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B&W Tek TacticID for Narcotics Identification

Law enforcement officers responsible for reducing narcotics trafficking and drug abuse face more challenges than ever before. New drugs are appearing at an alarming rate and the global drug problem is spiraling out of control. Raman technology can provide quick and accurate sample processing for law enforcement to reduce time and cost while protecting officers and citizens alike.

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Rapid Raw Material Identification for Formulation Compounds Using Handheld Raman Technology

Ever since the European Medicines Agency (EMA) recommended that all pharmaceutical companies test every raw material that passes through their manufacturing facilities, this practice has attracted great interest in the nutraceuticals, food manufacturing, cosmetics, and agricultural industries, pushing them to strive for more rigorous and technology-oriented quality control standards.

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Cost & Benefits of Handheld Raman for Quality Control Testing of Incoming Raw Materials in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Competition in the pharmaceutical industry is driving drug companies to spread their manufacturing operations around the globe. Unfortunately, production delocalization results in more testing of the incoming raw materials for quality assurance, product safety and regulatory purposes, which results in an increased cost of doing business.

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Identification of Additives used in Pharmaceutical & Food with the NanoRam Handheld Raman Spectrometer

Today’s Raman instrumentation is faster, more rugged, and less expensive than previous instrumentation. Now, with the advances in component miniaturization, the design of high performance, portable and handheld devices has introduced the technology to new application areas that were previously not possible with older, more cumbersome instruments.

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Pharma Quality Control: Portable Raman Enters a New Era

Portable Raman spectroscopic devices have become part and parcel of every pharmaceutical manufacturer’s QA/ QC toolbox. These mobile devices are being embraced for an increasing range of applications, from raw materials identification to API classification to counterfeit detection. They may soon become more prevalent even as a means of characterizing finished-dosage forms.

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NanoRam: Ideally-suited for the Inspection of Raw Materials and Chemicals Used in the Pharmaceutical industry

In recent years, Raman Spectroscopy has gained a reputation in market segments that require the rapid identification of unknown compounds, such as the testing of chemicals, measurement of pharmaceutical ingredients and characterization of polymers.

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NanoRam: Full Regulatory Compliance for the Inspection of Raw Materials & Chemicals in the Pharmaceutical Industry

One of the most critical factors in developing and marketing pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements today is ensuring that the analytical methodology used for analysis will produce high quality, valid data.

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High Performance Diode Laser Enables Low-Cost Raman Spectroscopy

A narrow linewidth, wavelength stabilized diode laser has been developed for low-cost Raman spectroscopy applications.

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Fundamentals of Raman Spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy is a nondestructive and highly versatile technique for analysis of chemicals, both organic and inorganic. It is used in industry, bioscience, medical diagnosis, forensics, and many other areas.

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